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G&S helped us build relationships and gain allies across the political spectrum to emerge victorious time and again.


- Troy Stremming, Director of State and Local Government Relations, Ameristar


Our History

William A. Gamble started what is now known as Gamble & Schlemeier in 1984. He established William Gamble & Associates after a seven-year association with another Jefferson City governmental consulting group. In 1992, Jorgen Schlemeier joined the firm and in 1995 became a partner in Gamble & Schlemeier. Gamble & Schlemeier is now the largest governmental affairs firm in Jefferson City. We are experienced in lobbying both the legislative and executive branches of state government, including state department heads. As we have grown, we have developed a reputation of winning on tough issues.

Our Philosophy & Strategy

Our governmental consulting philosophy is centered on the concepts of teamwork, close client contact and adaptability. At our firm, no one single lobbyist is solely responsible for each client’s legislative agenda. Frequent one-on-one contact with legislators and pooling of resources is the most effective approach to accomplishing our client’s goals.


Maintaining contact with our clients is key to our success. During the legislative session, our team of lobbyists and support staff keep our clients updated on the latest legislative proposals, amendments, agendas and action of both the legislative and executive branches of state government. Our clients are immediately notified of any developments in the legislative and administrative processes that affect their interests. This allows us to plan and respond rapidly with an appropriate course of action.


Balancing Policy & Politics

Our commitment to developing relationships with legislators and statewide elected officials begins prior to their election. We begin our relationship building at that moment, instead of waiting until after their election. This early ground work ultimately helps us access legislators quickly and productively.

We retain election consultants to give us insight into district demographics, providing us the best and most current information to help us determine which candidates have the best opportunity to be elected. This helps us – and our clients – make critical decisions regarding campaign support. Keeping our clients balanced between policy and politics is a constant goal.

Building Quality Relationships

Legislating is about compromise, but there is one area in which our firm refuses to compromise: all of our lobbyists are in the Capitol every day, all day, until the legislature adjourns.

Many opportunities to visit with legislators arise at odd times of the day, especially late in the evening. We have found that few people are in the Capitol during those time slots and it allows for more in-depth conversations to take place more frequently. Put simply, our key to success is time spent in the Capitol, and working every day during the interim.


Gamble & Schlemeier

Corporate Headquarters:

213 East Capitol

Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1865 

Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

Tel:  573-634-4876

Fax: 573-635-6258

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