Sarah Topp


Registered Lobbyist, Missouri Ethics Commission

Phone:    573.634.4876

Fax:         573.635-6258




B.S., Business Administration, Iowa State University

Sarah Topp brings a business management background to the Gamble & Schlemeier team. Her education at Iowa State University focused in the business administration area, which led to an entrepreneurial endeavor that grew to employ 75 people in multiple convenience store locations. Sarah first worked as a lobbyist in the Missouri General Assembly for a state business trade association. Her state government experience also includes a stint as legislative assistant to a House appropriations committee chair. This role provided her the opportunity to learn the internal workings of state government, not only in the legislative branch but the executive and judicial as well. At Gamble & Schlemeier Sarah actively lobbies client positions of education, business, economic development, transportation and environmental regulations and various local government issues. She has been with the firm since 1995 and routinely presents written and oral reports to clients on legislative activities. Sarah lives in Jefferson City with her husband, Harry Hill.

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